CEP GT864-PY Terminal

By: Telic
Part no.: GT864PY

Compact GSM terminal based on a Telit module equipped with GPRS transfers, TCP/IP stack, RS-232 / USB interfaces and Python script programming.

CEP GT864-QUAD Terminal

By: Telic
Part no.: GT864QUAD

Compact and efficient Quad-band GSM / GPRS modem based on Telit module equipped with complete TCP/IP stack and RS232 / USB interfaces.

CEP CT63 Terminal

By: Telic
Part no.: CT63

Compact Quad-band GSM modem equipped with Cinterion's TC63 terminal supplying RS-232 / USB interface, high-speed GPRS transfers and is able to operate as a suitable replacement for EOL TC35i/MC35i Terminals.

CEP UT864 Terminal

By: Telic
Part no.: UT864

Compact GSM modem equipped with a Telit UMTS / HSDPA module allowing high-speed transfers, TCP/IP stack and  RS-232 / USB interfaces.