CEP GT864-PY Terminal

CEP GT864-PY Terminal

Part no.: GT864PY
Manufacturer: Telic

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The CEP GT864-PY Terminal is a compact and versatile device that offers seamless connectivity for a wide range of applications. It supports various wireless bands and network standards, making it suitable for global deployment.

The terminal supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks, ensuring reliable and high-speed data transmission. It operates on Quad-Band frequencies, including 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, enabling it to work in different regions across the globe.

The key features of the CEP GT864-PY Terminal include:

1. Compact Design: The terminal is compact in size, making it easy to integrate into different applications. Its small form factor allows for flexible installation options.

2. Multi-Network Capability: The device supports multiple wireless bands and network standards, providing versatility and compatibility with various networks worldwide.

3. Efficient Data Transfer: With support for GPRS/EDGE technology, the terminal enables fast and reliable data transfer, ensuring seamless communication between devices.

4. Secure Communication: The terminal offers robust security features, including encryption and authentication, protecting data during transmission and ensuring the privacy of sensitive information.

5. Easy Integration: The CEP GT864-PY Terminal is designed for easy integration into existing systems. It comes with a range of interfaces, including serial, USB, and GPIO, allowing for seamless integration with other devices and applications.

Overall, the CEP GT864-PY Terminal is a versatile device that offers reliable connectivity and efficient data transfer. Its compact design, multi-network capability, efficient data transfer, secure communication, and easy integration make it an ideal choice for various applications requiring seamless wireless connectivity.
Product features
  • Quad Band GSM/GPRS
  • GSM 850/900 Power class 4 (33dBm)
  • GSM 1800/1900 Power class 1 (30dBm)
  • Mobile Class B
  • Extended Measurement Reporting
  • Compliant with 3GPP Release 99 Protocol Stack


  • RS232 9pin DSub
  • Audio microphone / loudspeaker (USB mini connector)
  • Power: 5 - 36VDC (RJ11)
  • Antenna: 50 Ohm (FME male)
  • SIM card reader: 1,8V/3V interface with SIM detection
  • Control by AT commands (GSM 27.005, 27.007 plus
    proprietary commands)
  • Programming interface based on Telit PYTHON

Data features

  • GPRS Class 10
  • Multiple simultaneous PDP contexts
  • GPRS Coding Schemes CS1-CS4
  • Transparent and non-transparent CSD up to 9.6 kbps
  • Modem Type; V21, V22, V23, V22bis, V26ter, V32,
    V34, V24
  • V42bis compression
  • GSM supplementary services supported
  • GSM 27.010 Multiplexing Protocol
  • USSD
  • Fax Group 3, Class1

Firmware update over the air (FOTA)

  • Firmware update over the air based on Telit Service TFUS;
    only the delta will be sent via GPRS; GT864 has to be preregistered
    to the database.


  • Text and PDU mode
  • Point to point mobile originated and mobile terminated SMS (MT/MO)
  • SMS Cell Broadcast

Internet protocol

  • TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Extensive AT Command access to TCP/IP stack
  • Multiple sockets with listening/server capability
  • IPv4 protocol
  • Dynamic & Static IP address allocation
  • PPP protocol (PAP)
  • UDP protocol
  • FTP client File Transfer Protocol (file transfers)
  • SMTP
  • E-mail


  • Telephony, emergency calls
  • HR, FR, EFR, AMR (Half Rate, Full Rate, Enhanced Full
    Rate and Multi Rate voice codec's)
  • Superior echo cancellation /& noise reduction
  • DTMF

Other features

  • SIM application toolkit Class 2
  • 3 x LED for status indication
  • Power supply voltage measurement via AT-command
  • SIM phonebook
  • Fixed Dialing Number (FDN)
  • Real time clock
  • IRA character set
  • Jamming detection & report
  • Telit Easy Scan: automatic scan over GSM frequencies (also
    without SIM card)

Physical characteristics

  • Overall dimensions (excluding
    connectors): 77 x 67 x 26 mm
  • Weight ~ 100g
  • -30°C to +75°C (operational)
  • -40°C to +85°C (storage temp.)


  • E-certificate
  • CE Approval
  • FCC Approval
  • RoHS



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CEP GT864-PY Terminal

CEP GT864-PY Terminal

Part no.: GT864PY
Manufacturer: Telic

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