Leadtek LR9450 GPS Smart Antenna

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Leadtek LR9450 GPS Smart Antenna
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Product description

The Leadtek LR9450 is a highly sensitive and compact GPS mouse with low power consumption. Built with SiRFStarIII™ architecture and RS232 interface it can be used in a variety of applications, in laptops or PDAs. Non-slip underneath with a magnetic mounting. It is easy to place on top of a vehicle to fix positioning. Even on rainy days the LR9450’s  certified waterproof configuration ensures perfect functionality.

Technical specifications

Hardware and Software features

  • Based on the high performance features of the SirF Star III single chip
  • Built-in high gain amplifier and bandpass filter
  • RoHS compliant (lead-free)
  • Dimension: 60x60x19 mm
  • Hardware compatible with SiRF GSC3x software
  • SBAS (WAAS and EGNOS) support

Performance features

  • Cold / Warm / Hot Start Time: 42 / 35 / 1 seconds
  • Reacquisition Time: 0.1 second
  • RF Metal Shield for best performance in noisy environments
  • Multi-path Mitigation Hardware


  • RS232 with RJ11 connector
  • Protocol: NMEA-0183 / SiRF Binary (default NMEA)
  • Baud Rate: default 4800 bps

Recommended accessories

Following accessories are recommended to be purchased along with this product as they might be required for operation and may not be included in this product.
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