Leadtek LR9805ST GPS Module

Leadtek LR9805ST GPS Module

Part no.: LR9805ST
Manufacturer: Leadtek

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The Leadtek LR9805ST is a GPS module that offers reliable and accurate positioning capabilities. It supports various wireless bands and network standards, making it versatile and compatible with different devices and platforms.

Key features of the Leadtek LR9805ST include:

1. High precision positioning: The module utilizes advanced GPS technology to provide accurate positioning information, ensuring precise location tracking.

2. Fast acquisition time: With its quick acquisition time, the LR9805ST can rapidly establish a GPS connection, allowing for efficient and prompt positioning data retrieval.

3. Wide range of wireless bands: The module supports multiple wireless bands, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, enabling seamless connectivity and integration with various devices and systems.

4. Compatibility with network standards: The LR9805ST is compatible with different network standards such as GNSS and GLONASS, ensuring reliable and consistent positioning data across different environments.

5. Compact and lightweight design: The module has a compact and lightweight form factor, making it ideal for integration into devices with limited space. Its small size does not compromise its performance or reliability.

Hardware and Software features

  • Based on the high performance features of the SiRFstarII single chipset
  • Compact module size for easy integration: 24x20x2.9 mm (0.94x0.79x0.11 in)
  • Fully automatic assembly: reflow solder assembly ready
  • Hardware compatible with SiRFXTrac software
  • Multiple I/O pins reserved for customizing special user applications
  • RoHS compliance

Performance features

  • Cold/Warm/Hot Start Time: 45/38/4 sec at open sky and stationary environments
  • Reacquisition Time: 0.1 second
  • RF Metal Shield for best performance in noisy environments
  • Multi-path Mitigation Hardware


  • TTL level serial port for GPS communications interface
  • Protocol: NMEA-0183 / SiRF Binary (default NMEA)
  • Baud Rate: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600 bps (default 4800)


  • Ideal for high volume mass production(Taping reel package)
  • Cost saving through elimination of RF and board to board digital connectors
  • Flexible and cost effective hardware design for different application needs
  • Secure SMD PCB mounting method

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Leadtek LR9805ST GPS Module

Leadtek LR9805ST GPS Module

Part no.: LR9805ST
Manufacturer: Leadtek

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