u-blox MAX-M8W

u-blox MAX-M8W

Part no.: MAX-M8W-0
Manufacturer: u-blox

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u-blox MAX-M8W is a highly advanced and versatile positioning module that offers exceptional performance and reliability. It supports multiple wireless bands and network standards, making it compatible with a wide range of applications.

The MAX-M8W module supports both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems, ensuring accurate and reliable positioning in diverse environments. It also supports SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems) for enhanced accuracy.

Five key features of the u-blox MAX-M8W module include:

1. Multi-Band Support: It supports multiple wireless bands, including L1, L2, and L5, ensuring compatibility with various GNSS systems.

2. High Accuracy: With its advanced positioning technology, the MAX-M8W offers high accuracy and reliability, making it suitable for applications requiring precise positioning.

3. Low Power Consumption: The module has been designed to consume minimal power, making it ideal for battery-powered applications that require long-lasting operation.

4. Compact Design: The MAX-M8W module features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to integrate into devices with limited space.

5. Advanced Features: It includes advanced features like integrated antenna supervision, intelligent power management, and geofencing, enhancing overall performance and functionality.

In summary, the u-blox MAX-M8W module is a high-performance and versatile positioning module with support for multiple wireless bands and network standards. Its advanced features and compact design make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.


  • Receiver type - 72-channel u-blox M8 concurrent GNSS reciever GPS/QZSS L1 C/A, GLONASS L10F, BeiDou B1, SBAS L1 C/A: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS 
  • Nav. update rate 
    - Single GNSS: up to 18 Hz 
    - Concurrent GNSS: up to 10 Hz 
  • Position accuracy - 2.0 m CEP  
  • Acquisition1 
    - Cold starts:  26 s 
    - Aided starts:  2 s 
    - Reacquisition: 1 s 
  • Sensitivity1
    -Tracking & Nav:  –167 dBm 
    - Cold starts:  –148 dBm
    - Hot starts: –156 dBm 
  • Assistance GNSS 
    - AssistNow Online 
    - AssistNow Offline (up to 35 days) 
    - AssistNow Autonomous (up to 6 days) 
    - OMA SUPL & 3GPP compliant 
  • Oscillator - TCXO 
  • RTC crystal - Built-in 
  • Noise figure - On-chip LNA 
  • Anti jamming - Active CW detection and removal 
  • Memory - Onboard ROM 
  • Supported antennas - Active and passive 
  • Odometer - Travelled distance


Electrical data

  • Supply voltage - 2.7 V to 3.6 V 
  • Power consumption2 - 25 mA @ 3.0 V (continuous) - 5.5 mA @ 3.0 V 
  • Power Save Mode (1 Hz, GPS only)
  • Backup supply - 1.4 to 3.6V 


  • Serial interfaces 
    - 1 UART 
    - 1 DDC (I2C compliant) 
  • Digital I/O 
    - Configurable timepulse 
    - 1 EXTINT input for Wakeup 
  • Timepulse - Configurable 0.25 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Protocols - NMEA, UBX binary, RTCM

Environmental data, quality & reliability

  • Operating temp. –40° C to 85° C 
  • Storage temp.  –40° C to 85° C 
  • RoHS compliant (lead-free)
  • Qualification according to ISO 16750 
  • Manufactured and fully tested in ISO/TS 16949 certified production sites 
  • Uses u-blox M8 chips qualified according to AEC-Q100

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u-blox MAX-M8W

u-blox MAX-M8W

Part no.: MAX-M8W-0
Manufacturer: u-blox

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