Telit	LE70-868 DIP-WA

Telit LE70-868 DIP-WA

Part no.: 3990251002
Manufacturer: Telit

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The Telit LE70-868 DIP-WA is a highly efficient wireless module designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It operates on the 868 MHz band and supports various network standards including LoRaWAN and Wireless M-Bus. Its compact DIP form factor makes it ideal for integration into a wide range of IoT devices.

Key features of the Telit LE70-868 DIP-WA include ultra-low power consumption, enabling long battery life for connected devices. It also offers extended range capabilities, ensuring reliable and secure communication over long distances. With its highly sensitive receiver, it can provide excellent coverage even in challenging environments. The module also supports over-the-air firmware updates, allowing for seamless upgrades and maintenance. Lastly, it offers multiple I/O interfaces, enabling easy integration with various sensors and peripherals. Overall, the Telit LE70-868 DIP-WA provides a reliable and efficient solution for IoT applications requiring long-range, low-power wireless connectivity.

Product features

• Range: Up to 10.000 m 
• 128 kB Flash, 8 kB RAM, 2 kB EEPROM
• 32.768 kHz real time clock (RTC), 4 timers
• Configurable output power 
• 9 I/O ports max available


• Frequency: 863 - 870 MHz (EU: 500 mW, from 869.4 to 869.65 MHz) (INDIA: 1W, from 865 to 867 MHz) 
• Modulation: GFSK 
• Number of channels: 2 - EU: 11 - INDIA: 10 Point to point, star network
• Addressed Mode 
• Repeater Mode: bridge function (line propagation on the long distances)
• Listen Before Talk
• Telemetry 
• Analog RSSI 
• Cyclic wake up 
• Remote CTS/RTS control 
• Hayes Mode 
• I/O Copy
• Download Over-the-Air 
• AES encryption


Optional Features

LE70-868 module is available with DIP adapter and SMA connector


• Serial Data Rate: Up to 115.2 Kbps 
• Radio Data Rate: from 4.8 kbps to 57.6 kbps


• LGA mount technology, 30 pads, RF pads for antenna 
• Rectangular 26 x 15 mm, height 3 mm 
• Weight 1.7 g 
• Temperature: -40°C to +85°C


• Serial Interface: RS232 TTL (Tx, Rx, Cts, RTS)



Electrical & Sensitivity

• Output Power: 15 to 27 dBm
• Power Supply: 2.3 to 3.6 V 
• Board Consumption at 500 mW: 
- Rx: 25 mA 
- Tx: 335 mA 
- Std-by consumption: 
- external wake-up (interrupt): 1μA
- cyclic wake-up (internal timer running): 2 μA 
• Sensitivity (PER ‹ 0,8): -117 dBm


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Telit	LE70-868 DIP-WA

Telit LE70-868 DIP-WA

Part no.: 3990251002
Manufacturer: Telit

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