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Product description

The JN3 is the companion module to JF2. It employs LCC packaging and a 3 V power supply and is interoperable with Telit cellular modules providing ready-to-use solution bundles at no additional integration effort or cost. This feature is particularly evident when integrating with the GL865 family of sub-compact LCC cellular modules.

The JN3 is also designed to be a low-cost, drop-in replacement for the SL869 when multi-constellation support is not required. It supports AGPS injection as well as AGPS onboard generation. The AGPS integration effort is negligible when JN3 is bundled with a Telit module. 

Key features

• Based on the SiRFstarIV™core
• GNSS supported: GPS L1
• 16 x 12.2 x 2.4 mm LCC package
• Flash, EEPROM or ROM based versions
• Supply voltage range: 2.9 - 3.6 VDC
• Very low power consumption
• Assisted GPS
• High RF sensitivity with jamming detection and removal
• Ports: 1PPS, UART • Compatible with the SL869 and popular 12 x 16 mm footprint industry standard

Key Benefits

• Supports AGPS using Extended Ephemeris injection tas well as Extended Ephemeris on-board generation for fastest TTFF
• Easy integration in cellular/GNSS bundle solutions combined with Telit cellular modules
• LCC package allows manual soldering/rework
• Pin-to-pin compatibility with SL869 allows customers to dial in their desired GNSS capabilities with low-end (GPS only) and high-end (GPS+Glonass+Galileo +QZSS) variants using the same motherboard

Technical specifications

Product features

• Frequency Band: GPS L1 Band, C/A Code
• Standards: NMEA and OSP
• 48 Channel GPS architecture
• Positional Accuracy (CEP50): Autonomous Positional Error ‹ 2.5 m
• Accuracy
- Speed: ‹ 0.01 m/s
- Heading: ‹ 0.01 deg
• Time To First Fix (90% @ -130 dBm)
- Hot Start: 1 s
- Cold Start: ‹ 35 s
• A-GPS: local ephemeris prediction
• A-GPS: server predicted ephemeris file injection


• Dimensions: 16 x 12.2 x 2.4 mm • Weight: 1.8 g
• 24-pad LCC package, requiring only 2 LayerPCB
• Temperature Range
- Operating temperature:
-40 to +85°C -
Storage temperature:
-40 to +85°C


• UART, I2C (only for MEMS) interfaces
• PPS for precise timing
• EGNOS, WAAS, GAGAN and MSAS capability embedded with correction of positional errors due to ionospheric and orbital disturbances
• RTC for efficient power management

Electrical & Sensitivity
• Current consumption
- Hibernate mode: 40 uA
- Low power mode (Tracking 1Hz): 10 mA
- Full power Tracking: 32 mA
• Flexible power supply
- Range from 2.85 up to 3.6 V
• Sensitivity
- Acquisition: -147 dBm
- Navigation: -160 dBm
- Tracking: -163 dBm

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