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Cinterion PGS8
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Product description

Part of the Cinterion® Industrial Plus family, the PGS8 wireless module offers full voice capabilities, high speed GPRS data transmission and minimal power consumption. It is an exceptional choice for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications that require focused 2G connectivity with embedded high performance and global satellite (GNSS) service. At just 2.2 mm in height, PGS8 is ideal for integration in the slimmest and most size constrained trace and track applications. The unique cost savings and performance inherent in PGS8 make it an ideal solution for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications including onboard vehicle telematics and fleet management as well as point of sale (POS) and alarm devices.

PGS8 shares the same footprint as Cinterion 3G and LTE solutions enabling integrators to choose radio technology according to regional and vertical needs, maximizing cost savings. It targets high volume, cost sensitive applications that utilize low bandwidth GSM/GPRS connectivity. Its rugged and compact Land Grid Array (LGA) footprint guarantees long product availability along with optimized Total Cost of Ownership and unparalleled migration opportunities.

Based on the powerful Intel® 2G chipset, the module’s unique Cinterion LGA technology enables optimized heat dissipation that prevents warping. This gives demanding industrial customers the freedom to select the most beneficial soldering paste for each individual application.

Equipped with high performance GPS/GLONASS, the PGS8 module is prepared to meet the comprehensive requirements of trace and track applications in the mobility aftermarket. It also features an extensive set of secure Internet services including TCP, UDP, HTTP and FTP, voice prompts, generic flash access and a reliable jamming detection. 

Technical specifications


  •  GSM Quad-Band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  •  3GPP release 99
  •  GPRS multi-slot Class 10
  •  SIM Application Toolkit
  •  Control via AT commands (Hayes, 3GPP TS 27.007 and 27.005)
  •  Internet Services TCP server/client, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3
  •  Secure Connection with TLS
  •  DTMF detector
  •  Supply voltage range 3.3 to 4.5 V
  •  LGA156 soldering mount, MSL4
  •  Dimensions: 33 × 29 × 2.2 mm
  •  Operating temperature: -40 °C to +95 °C (Protection switch-off)


  •  GPRS Class 10 DL: max. 85.6 kbps, UL: max. 42.8 kbps Mobile Station Class B
  •  CSD data transmission up to 14.4 kbps, V.110, non-transparent
  •  USSD support
  •  SMS text and PDU mode, cell broadcast
  •  Fax Group 3, Class 1 and Class 2
  •  High quality voice support for handset, headset and hands free (double talk) operation
  •  FR, HR, EFR and AMR speech codec support
  •  Integrated TTY modem





  •  Voice prompts
  •  Firmware update via serial interface
  •  Radio Link Stability Monitoring
  •  Real time clock with alarm functionality
  •  Customer Flash Storage / Generic flash access


  •  Integrated 32 Channel GNSS receiver
  •  Bands: GPS L1, Glonass L1
  •  NMEA-183
  •  Position Accuracy (CEP50): 1.5m
  •  TTFF (-130dBm): 1s Hot Start,
  •  Active antenna feeding and control
  •  Sensitivity (active antenna):
  •  Acquisition -145dBm
  •  Navigation -156dBm
  •  Tracking -160dBm
  •  Local ephemeris prediction
  •  Jammer rejection





  •  Power supply
  •  Analog & digital audio interface
  •  1x serial interface 1.8 V with baud rate detection
  •  ICC/UICC card interface 1.8 V and 3.0 V supporting SIM/USIM
  •  I 2C interface 1.8 V
  •  GPIO pins 1.8 V (GPIO interface with 6 GPIO lines. GPIO interface is shared wtih a PWM functionality as well as a fast shutdown signal, a status line and a jamming indicator)
  •  2x ADC interface
  •  1PPS output (GNSS)


  •  RIL driver for Android™ based devices
  •  RIL driver for Windows Mobile™ based applications
  •  GCF Listing
  •  RoHS, REACH, EuP compliant
  •  Other local approvals and network operator certifications



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