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Cinterion AH3
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Product description

The Cinterion AH3 module is the latest in a long history of successful automotive grade products for enhanced automotive applications. It is the first variant of a new 3G automotive platform to incorporate dedicated features such as antenna diagnostics, extended temperature range, SIM access profile and a configurable RLS function for jamming detection.

State-of-the-art chipsets with 45 nanometer technology ensure a long product lifecycle and highest reliability even under rugged conditions. An intelligent single-sided design also provides superior heat dissipation characteristics. With an 80-pin B2B connector, the Cinterion AH3 enables flexible mounting for easy design-ins and testing. In addition, it offers the most advanced embedded GPS capabilities with three antennas for HSPA diversity and concurrent GPS tracking to avoid GPS blanking. Based on the latest HSPA+ technology, AH3 is optimized for high bandwidth speeds up to 14.4 Mbps for downlink and 5.7 Mbps for uplink.

AH3 comes in two versions: AH3-US which supports AWS band in Northern America, and AH3-W which adds 900 MHz to cover all other world regions and to ensure true global roaming.

Technical specifications


  •  Four-Bands UMTS (WCDMA/FDD) 800, 850, 900 and 2100 MHz (AH3-W)
  •  Tri-Bands UMTS (WCDMA/FDD) 850, 1900 MHz and AWS 1700/2100 MHz (AH3-US)
  •  Quad-Band GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
  •  UMTS / HSPA+, 3GPP release 6 / 7
  •  GSM / GPRS / EDGE, 3GPP release 99 / 4
  •  SIM Application Toolkit, release 99
  •  SAIC/RX Diversity Type 3i for 800/850 and 2100 MHz
  •  Control via AT commands (Hayes, 3GPP TS 27.007 and 27.005)
  •  TCP/IP stack access via AT commands
  •  Supply voltage range 3.3 - 4.2 V
  •  Dimension: 53 × 33.9 × 3.1 mm, single sided
  •  Temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C (Protection switch-off)




  •  HSDPA/HSUPA data rates DL: max. 14.4 Mbps, UL: max. 5.7 Mbps concurrent data rate: DL 7.2 Mbps/UL 5.7 Mbps
  •  UMTS data rates DL: max. 384 kbps, UL: max. 384 kbps
  •  EDGE class 12 DL: max. 237 kbps, UL: max. 237 kbps
  •  GPRS class 12 DL: max. 85.6 kbps, UL: max. 85.6 kbps
  •  CSD data transmission 14.4 kbps, V.110
  •  SMS text and PDU mode
  •  Remote SIM access (SIM Access Profile)
  •  Voice specification: HR, FR, EFR and AMR supported Handset, Headset and Handsfree modes
  •  RLS Monitor (Jamming Detection)
  •  TTY supported
  •  VDA hands-free category 2a
  •  Firmware update via USB and serial Interface


  •  E911 A-GPS functionality via Control Plane
  •  Fully integrated GPS solution
  •  GPS dedicated AT command
  •  Protocol: NMEA-0183 V2.3
  •  GPS active antenna supply: 3 V
  •  Tracking Sensitivity: better than -158 dBm







  •  80-pin board-to-board connector
  •  2 x antenna pad for GSM/UMTS
  •  1 x antenna pad for GPS
  •  Audio: 1 x analog, 1 x digital
  •  USB 2.0 high speed
  •  UICC/SIM card interface 3 V, 1.8 V
  •  serial interface with autobauding
  •  10 x GPIO
  •  Antenna diagnostics for GSM/UMTS/GPS antennas supported 


  •  Automotive e-mark
  •  Local approvals and network operator certifications


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