Cinterion BG2-E

Cinterion BG2-E

Part no.: BG2E
Manufacturer: Thales Gemalto Cinterion

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The Cinterion BG2-E is a highly advanced and versatile IoT module designed for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. It supports a wide range of wireless bands and network standards, making it suitable for global deployment.

Key features of the Cinterion BG2-E include:

1. Multi-Band Support: The module supports multiple 2G, 3G, and 4G bands, ensuring compatibility with various networks worldwide.
2. Global Coverage: With support for Quad-Band GSM and Penta-Band UMTS, the BG2-E can be utilized in almost any region across the globe.
3. High Data Speeds: The module enables up to 150 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink speeds, ensuring fast and reliable data transfer.
4. Advanced Security: The BG2-E employs secure authentication and encryption mechanisms, protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access.
5. Extended Temperature Range: Designed for demanding environments, the module can operate in a wide temperature range, from -40°C to +85°C.

Overall, the Cinterion BG2-E offers exceptional connectivity, global coverage, high data speeds, advanced security, and rugged design, making it an ideal choice for various IoT applications.

General features

  • Dual-Band: GSM  900 / 1800 MHz
  • 3GPP release 99
  • GPRS multi-slot Class 8
  • Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+
  • Output power:
    Class 4 (2W) for GSM900
    Class 1 (1W) for GSM1800
  • SIM Application Toolkit release 99
  • Control via AT commands (Hayes, 3GPP TS
    27.007 and 27.005)
  • TCP/IP stack access via AT commands
  • Internet Services FTP, ICMP, DNS,
    TCP server & client, UDP client
  • Supply voltage range: 3.3 – 4.5 V
  • Dimension: 26.7 x 31.0 x 3.0 mm
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Weight: 5.0 g
  • RoHS and EuP compliant
  • Screwless mountable
  • Mounting clip (optional)


  • GPRS Class 8
    DL: max. 85.6 kbps,
    UL: max. 21.4 kbps
    Mobile Station Class B
  • CSD data transmission
  • USSD support
  • SMS text and PDU mode, cell broadcast
  • Fax Group 3, class 1
  • High quality voice support
  • High quality handsfree operation
  • FR, HR, EFR and AMR speech codec support
  • Integrated TTY modem


  • 60-pin board-to-board connector
    - Integrated antenna connection
    - 2 Serial interfaces
    - Automatic baud rate detection
    - Audio analog interface (Microphone & Speaker)
    - UICC/SIM card interface 1.8 V and 3.0 V
    - 8 GPIO pins 1.8 V (special option for PWM or
    Buzzer and status indication functionality)
    - 2 GPIO pins 2.8 V (optional usable as I2C)
    - ADC/DAC (PWM) interface

Special features

  • Modem driver for Microsoft® Windows 7™,
    Windows XP™ and Windows Vista™
  • Firmware update via serial interface
  • Real time clock with alarm functionality
  • Customer IMEI on request
  • Prepared for Component SIM


  • Local approvals and network operator
    certifications (including AT&T approval)


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Cinterion BG2-E

Cinterion BG2-E

Part no.: BG2E
Manufacturer: Thales Gemalto Cinterion

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