Telit GE864-GPS

By: Telit
Part no.: GE864GPS010T001

Cinterion PLS8-E

By: Cinterion
Part no.: L30960-N3400-A300

Cinterion BGS5

By: Cinterion
Part no.: L30960-N3300-A100

Cinterion EHS6

By: Cinterion
Part no.: L30960-N2950-A400

Cinterion EHS5-E

By: Cinterion
Part no.: L30960-N2800-A400

Telit UC864-G Module

By: Telit
Part no.: UC864GLB817T019

High-tech quad-band combined GSM / GPS module supporting the latest 3G networking with UMTS and HSDPA transfers, various interfaces and GPIOs, drivers for the mobile interfaces to fit your application with integrated GPS module.

Cinterion MC55i Terminal

By: Cinterion
Part no.: L30960-N2100-A100

Successor for TC35i/MC35i series' terminals now supporting quad-band networks, featuring GPRS class 10 transfers, integrated TCP/IP stack and RS-232 interface. Full backward compatibility with TC35i/MC55i.

Cinterion TC63i

By: Cinterion
Part no.: L30960-N1180-A100

The TC63i features GPRS Class 12 functionality, an integrated TCP/IP stack over AT as well as idustrial interfaces SPI, I2C bus and USB port.

Cinterion Siemens MC35i Terminal

By: Cinterion
Part no.: L36880-N8665-A100

One of the most successful Cinterion's terminals ever, supporting dual-band GPRS transfers, equipped with RS-232 interface, SIM card reader in robust plastic housing.

Cinterion MC55i

By: Cinterion
Part no.: L30960-N1200-A100

Miniature and light-weight module with Quad-band support, GPRS class 10 data transfers and integrated TCP/IP stack.